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Webmail services are becoming popular due to its easy accessibility and practicality. If you do not have any clue about web mails, read on and be educated.

You don’t have to become a computer genius first before you understand the concept of webmail and its services. Basically, a webmail, or also termed as web-based mail, is a computer program used to gain access and manage a user’s email using any web browser. If the jargons confuse you, webmail services basically let you gain access and read your emails even if you are away from your personal computer. Traditional mail relies on the software or email client that you have downloaded in your gadget in order to be opened. That means, if you don’t have your gadget with you, you will not be able to open and read your emails.

That is the edge of availing webmail services. A webmail lets you open your emails to any web browser or gadget (as long as it is connected to an Internet service) even if you are away from your computer.

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The concept of webmail services began during the early start of Internet in 1994. In Europe and America, people are beginning to find ways on how to access email using a web browser. Three implementations were programmed in Europe regarding webmail services. Such programs are coded with perl scripts and full source code that enable them to be downloaded.  This is the dawn of the commercialization of the concept of web mail. Concurrently, in the 1994, the United States is also busy developing programs for web mail services and in 1995 had publicly demonstrated CGI program written in C on Windows NT as their version of web-based email.

However, the email delivery service that is being sold today is the final product of selling of “Webex” to Mankin’s company, Dotshop, Inc. and changing it to “EMUmail”. Later on, “EMUmail” was disintegrated to give way to which is the present webmail service provider.

The popularity of Webmail services became widespread in the late 1900’s and early 2000’s when companies offering domain and hosting services included webmail services under their umbrella. Furthermore, institutions such as universities, hospitals and organizations began using webmail services in order to connect to their community. There were also webmail service providers such as Hotmail and Rocketmail that provided free service to the public.

Despite the accessibility and other advantages of availing web mail services, certain concerns regarding security were raised. Since you can now view and gain access to your account using any web browser or computer, failure to log out your account enables other people to gain access to your emails. Another thing is that since web mail services are mostly based in the USA, the country may used its laws regarding Patriotic Acts in order to gain access to emails and accounts without the knowledge of the user. Infiltration of web mails by the US government can be possible regardless of which country the user is based.